Time capsule

The Girl has decided she wants to change rooms, to move into what was the boys’ room. It’s larger, and has better light (TWO windows!). The room needs to be repainted – it’s been sixteen years with two boys living in there. I spent the last week pulling wall anchors, patching holes, and painting primer on everything. I also pulled up the base molding, and that was by far the most entertaining part of this project. There was a slight gap between the base trim and the hardwood floor. Just a little, maybe a quarter inch.

A perfect place for stuff to get trapped, it turns out.

As I pulled the trim off, I found a veritable time capsule of childhood detritus. Candy wrappers, petrified crackers, pennies, Legos, paper clips, a Cootie antenna, MasterMind pegs, Knex, crayons (many, many crayons), colored pencils, Pokemon tokens, a latex balloon that disintegrated when I touched it, guitar picks, model car wheels, puzzle pieces, marbles… Stuff that I stepped on, swept up, and nagged the boys to clean up over and over when they were small. Stuff that now, with them moved out and living adult lives, I *almost* wish was still underfoot. Well, I miss the hugs and warm snugly little bodies; stepping on Legos, not so much.


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