Straightened out

As part of my training for the 3-Day, I want to make sure I am in tip-top condition (as tip-top as I am capable of being, at any rate). Since I do have knee and hip issues, and since they are closely linked to back issues, I thought it prudent to get the ole’ spine checked out to make sure nothing is too wonky before I start putting tons of miles on my body. I’ve never had back problems before, aside from sore muscles after a weekend of yard work, but I would not have been surprised if my years of knee and hip problems had caused some issues. (plus, I did have a rough childhood with more than my share of injuries – including quite a few tumbles from horseback.) And so, on Friday I had my first ever Chiropractic consultation – which consisted of an exam and two x-rays. Today I went in to get the results.

First, he showed me the side-view x-ray and congratulated me on having a nice, healthy  lumbar curve. Good spaces between the vertebrae, no sign of arthritis, no signs of injury (A+!), and indeed, the S-curve in my spine is what most of his patients strive for. Then he showed me the front-view x-ray, and pointed out that my hip bones are level (A+ again) but that there is a slight sideways curve to the vertebrae in lower thoracic region (B-). I could see it, my spine wandered about a centimeter to the left over the span of a half-dozen vertebrae. Nothing serious, he assured me; two or three sessions ought to get things right back where they should be.

I had my first adjustment and a bit of deep muscle massage, I impressed him with my knowledge of human anatomy (really, are there people who don’t know what the popping sound is when you crack your knuckles??), we discussed the merits of the Hawaii Chair, and he sent me on my way. I feel pretty good, but then again, I didn’t feel all that badly to begin with. At least I know for sure that my back is healthy, and everyone would be happier if they got some massage therapy now and then.



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