In the weeds

An early spring also means an early crop of weeds. Now, I don’t get my knickers in a bunch over the moss or the clover, but I really dislike dandelions and similar weeds. They aren’t fun to walk barefoot on, and they squash down & crowd out the grass (and moss). We avoid dumping pounds of chemicals on the yard, and usually I pull weeds by hand. On occasion, however, we do use a bit of Major Brand weed killer in areas where it’s difficult to pull weeds – like sidewalk cracks or in the retaining wall. I never feel good about it, but you can’t argue it’s effectiveness. I’ve been looking into less harsh options, and am happy to report one that works! And, it seems gentler on the fauna (saw lots of spiders and other wee crawlers as I snapped these photos).
It’s a simple (and cheap) solution of 2 cups vinegar, 1 Tbsp salt, and 1 Tbsp dish soap, mixed in a spray bottle. The soap acts as a wetting agent, and the vinegar & salt do the dirty deed. It’s most effective on dandelions, but I did not spray it in the lawn so I don’t know the effect on grass. I sprayed on Sunday; here’s how the plants look three days later.

Also works well on the runaway oregano.

It did not work well on these; I don’t know what they are but we get a lot of them. They stink, are sticky, but pull up easily so I wouldn’t spray them ordinarily.

And these big boys took a whipping but aren’t dead yet; I think a second application is in order.



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