It’s been a busy week and I haven’t been able to knit for a couple days (I cut my thumb), though I have been carrying a sock project with me out of habit and a wee bit of desperation, as I recently developed holes in my favorite pair of handknit socks.

(pardon the molding strips on the floor; one of these days we’ll get those moved to the garage)

I thought about darning them, but after closer inspection the entire toe area is very thin (on both socks) and just not darn-able. I knit these toe-up, which would also make it tricky to replace the toe area, so I deemed these Too Worn Out To Save and grabbed a ball of sock yarn from the shelf to cast on a new pair. Would be making good progress, too, if not for the thumb injury (I was slicing a pear and got carried away).

Last Friday, before we jumped aboard the Yarn Train to Portland, I wound up a couple skeins of this yummy Malabrigo worsted weight wool. I think the colorway is Navidad.

It is what I was knitting with on the train, into a pair of fingerless mitts.

20130414-124844.jpgI had just the thumbs left to knit by the time I got home last Sunday and I have since completed them – but I have not taken their picture. I think these will be for me, and I’ve started a headband out of the remaining yarn.

And finally, a picture of my total yarn haul from Portland. We went to five stores, and I picked up something from each one (gotta spread the love around), enjoying the discounts and no sales tax. Plus, two of the stores were giving away the pattern books at the top.

About half of this is stuff I haven not seen locally; the rest was either colorways I haven’t seen or just too good of a deal to pass up (like the yellow/orange Kauni, top left). I got five sock yarns (right-side of photo), some lovely baby alpaca (grey, top center) for a scarf or cowl for myself, gorgeous turquoise wool (top left, next to the Kauni) that would make a wonderful hat & mitt set, some alpaca from an Oregon producer (lower left) which will become a shawl, ShiBui in periwinkle (bottom center) that wants to become fingerless mitts, and a couple balls of MochiMochi that would make a lovely cowl or hat. Most of this is going to end up as gifts; the only two I bought specifically for myself are the sparkly sock yarn and the grey baby alpaca, though that pink sock yarn is also quite appealing.

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