Walking & gardening

For sure, it would be faster if I just ran. Too bad my knees would explode (sadly, that’s a literal possibility) – but I can still walk, and for that I’m grateful. My hips and knees are not going quietly, however; they are complaining louder as my mileage increases, and last week I talked with my acupuncturist about having more frequent sessions to combat the inflammation. I’m hoping (with fingers and toes crossed) that I’ll start shedding a few pounds soon from all this walking, which will ease the strain on the old joints. Yesterday was my longest single walk yet – 4.58 miles! Today, I’m creaking like a pirate ship. 🙂

I didn’t get to my walk on Thursday, had appointments all day and evening that took priority. On Friday afternoon I hit the trail in the rain to log a bit over 3 miles. It was drizzly and gloomy, but I got to watch a couple of harbor seals playing in the water so it was worth it. I know it’s difficult to see them in this cell phone picture, there’s a dark spot in the middle that is a seal head poking from the water.

On Saturday I skipped my walk to work on projects around the house – painted in the Girl’s room, planted the veggie garden, and made soap. No knitting, still waiting for my thumb to heal.

In this bed, there’s onions, garlic, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, radishes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, and basil. there’s eight or so empty squares for succession plantings.

In that bed, sugar snap peas,  sweet onions, sorrel, zucchini (will grow on the ramp), and sugar pumpkin. There’s more space, which will be used for succession plantings of lettuce and radish, and maybe a grouping of corn. I know they aren’t much to look at yet, but it’s early.  I didn’t stay out there for long – Saturday’s weather was more conducive to napping than playing outside, as Snickerdoodle can testify.

Sunday’s weather forecast help promise, so after a morning of errands the hubby and I hit the neighborhood for my walk. Sadly, we picked the one hour it rained on Sunday to be out walking, but that’s what I have my rain gear for. I’m glad we got out there, and I’m really starting to rack up the miles. If you’d like to support me and donate to a great cause, follow the pink widget in the right-hand sidebar to get to my personal donation page. Thank you!

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