Soap, walk, purr, knit, spin

That about sums up the last few days. Had a lovely, relaxing Mother’s Day.

It’s super busy right now – I’m in full-on production mode with my soap biz, gearing up for summer shows (first one is in less than three weeks, yikes!), we’re still working on getting the Girl’s new room finished up, my training walks are ¬†longer and longer, but I do manage to sneak in a bit of knitting and spinning now and then.

I made a new scent of soap on Sunday – Apricot Freesia – and tried to be all tricky with the swirl… And failed. lol – it doesn’t look horrible, just not at all what I had in mind.

Here’s a picture from yesterday’s walk. I have easy access to a fabulous waterfront trail during the work week, I love it. No walk today, have five miles scheduled tomorrow.

Who can resist kitty toes?

The socks I’m knitting have changed their minds again: they no longer fit me, so I need to make the legs long enough for one of the tall guys, which means I had negative progress on the socks because I started the top ribbing much too soon and the socks were turning out too short, so this morning I frogged back and am adding length to the legs. Not a huge setback, but still.

And here’s the second batch of spinning from my Sonata, all washed and set. I haven’t counted the yardage, but it’s around a sport weight. I traded a shawl for some spinning fiber a few months back, this is one of those bags. It’s merino with nylon (brand unknown), and I don’t know if it’s superwash or not – so I’ll treat it as if it’s not and tag it for hand-wash only. As you can see, I have yet to master consistent twist in my spinning, but my plying is getting better!

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