Bubbly weekend

Bubbly weekend

The internet ate the post I made from the commuter train this morning… I think I should take that as a sign and go back home. 🙂

Post Take Two: I spent the weekend at a local street fair, where I had a booth set up to sell my soaps. I’ve done this fair for six or seven years and it never fails to provide plenty of entertainment. Colorful people, extravagant costumes, and talented street performers – including our own Spoon Man – make for a fantastic weekend.
Quite a bit of soap was moved, which leads to the inevitable: I need to make more. Four batches have been poured; one restock, two new, and one for a wholesale customer. The pic is a sneak peak of the swirlie logs before I cut them.

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  1. So you have proof that hippies know what Soap is! I’m sorry I missed it this year I go every 3 or so and thought about going this year but the weather was too nice not to go camping!

  2. Taylor says:

    Wow! Beautiful swirls. Looks great!

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