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Natural progression

When the weather turns to this It’s natural for a knitter to turn to something like this:

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More making (and walking)

Good progress on our porch project; up until recently I had done very little to help and I was feeling kind of bad about it – but I got to wield my hammer over the weekend and helped get floor … Continue reading

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Heaven on pins

I finished! I finished! The shawl I started last September is done and blocking. I will be entering this into the state fair (in the “Lace” category) next weekend, so it was getting pretty close to the wire…. But it’s … Continue reading

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Invasive but tasty

It’s blackberry season – and since they are alarmingly invasive plants here, this means that August (and sometimes into September) is an all-you-can-eat buffet of blackberry goodness. I’ve been picking a couple of handfuls every day on my walk home; … Continue reading

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Watch your step

Entering Phase II (or is it III?) of the Porch Project: removing the old concrete stoop. Hubby tried a sledgehammer, but gave in and rented a jackhammer for a couple hours to break this bad boy up in to manageable … Continue reading

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Took my walk this morning with one of my sisters through downtown Texarkana. Most of what caught my eye were the run-down places, but this church was really pretty with the sunrise shining on it. This caboose was parked on … Continue reading

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Hot Springs

Yesterday we had to take our oldest son to the airport, so we spent a little time checking out Hot Springs, AR. The water comes out of the ground at about 143*F, and it was plenty hot outside so we … Continue reading

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The other side

Spending a few days with family in a hotter part of the country, trying not to get sunburned. Our tender Seattle skin just can’t stand up to the Texas sun. A strawberry limeade from Sonic goes down nice and cool, … Continue reading

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