More making (and walking)

Good progress on our porch project; up until recently I had done very little to help and I was feeling kind of bad about it – but I got to wield my hammer over the weekend and helped get floor joists hung, corner posts squared up, and I started putting together one of the wall sections (seen here laying down; it’s not squared up so it can’t be nailed to the posts quite yet).

We’re sort of making it up as we go, so it takes us a little longer to get through each phase – but we are getting there. Fortunately, me and the hubby work well together (and we have  several construction books). After we get the walls and stairs framed, we need to start on the roof parts. Really hoping the weather cooperates for us. Today it’s a bit on the damp side.


On Saturday morning I got my Heaven shawl submitted to the state fair; I won’t know until the fair opens if I’ve won anything. I hope they display it well…

Also got to play with my nephew and nieces on Saturday, celebrating a birthday and eating much food.

The walking, it is still going on. 🙂 I’ve got less than a month to go before the big event, and the training walks have settled into a high/low alternating schedule – one weekend with high mileage, the next with low.  As much as I’m enjoying it, I will admit that I’m looking forward to NOT walking quite as much after the 3-Day.

Speaking of walking, I passed by this beautiful beast last week, totally oblivious to who it belonged to (I’m not a news junkie, so I didn’t know that The Serene was in Seattle). I am not a boat person, but this is one sexy yacht:

The Serene, owned by Yuri Scheffler

And knitting – I rediscovered a few WIPs as I moved into my new craft room, so I’ve been working on those. Finished a Summer Shawlette that I’m not super fond of (not loving the yarn), and now I’m toting around a pair of socks on itty bitty needles. No pics of those items, but here’s a goat that was in the park outside my office:

It was a bit odd to see the goat in the park. I mean, I work in downtown Seattle; this is a city park, it’s not very big (it’s built above a parking garage), and the area is completely surround by offices, restaurants, retail, apartments, and condos. I don’t imagine they make very good apartment pets…

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