Blood, sweat, and a few tears

I finished that little owl vest, and it’s so cute!

(Milo, in madeline tosh DK – Earl Grey colorway)

The porch project is coming along nicely; there was a bit of negative progress but that’s just part of the fun of building something. At least, I keep telling myself that. Anyway: it’s looking good, we’ve got most of the walls framed in and started putting up the exterior sheathing. We’re getting good at balancing on the joists, too.

Working with your hands leads to the inevitable finger/hammer collision. (FYI: the hammer usually wins). Hubby split the end of his finger wide open; I merely bruised mine. I wasn’t there when hubby busted his finger, but I will admit to releasing a few choice words (and tears) when I hit mine.

In walking news, I’m rapidly wearing out my second and third pairs of sneakers… I was hoping they’d last until the 3Day event, but I’m not so sure. I’m logging a pretty steady 40-50 miles a week now, and even alternating between two pairs isn’t helping much.

This weekend’s walking took place in the woods. See?

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the biting flies were all around, and I forgot my headphones so I got to listen to all of that nature. And I saw a train go right over my head. It was headed downhill, and the rails were singing for a couple of minutes before the train’s arrival. Such a cool sound. The rails, not so much the train engine. 😉

Several miles into my walk on Saturday I saw a truck parked on the side of the gravel road; it was all by itself and as I got closer I saw why.

Because yeah, did I mention I was walking in the woods?? I was several miles from anything when I happened across this truck, and I can only imagine what the driver must have uttered when he/she realized they had a very flat tire and were nowhere near a service station. That has got to be the flattest flat tire I’ve ever seen. Wonder how long they drove on it before they gave in and parked the truck?


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