Here and there

It’s Sunday evening and I am sitting down after having enjoyed a great dinner of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.  I’ve finished all I’m going to for the day chore-wise, the weather has chased us inside and thwarted any progress on the porch for now. Thunder! Lightning! Huge, fat raindrops! It’s rather exciting, actually; though it would be best enjoyed from a front porch.


We have made some progress since I last posted photos; it now has sheathing mostly up, some tar paper on the outside, and we got the beams that will support the roof. Hubby is putting in some electrical outlets as well – we figured they might come in handy. Here are the beams, laying in wait:

Speaking of the hubby, last weekend was our 22nd anniversary, and the Mister and I went out of town for a few days to the lovely Sun Mountain Lodge. We saw lots of wildlife, both up close and at a distance.

Several groups of mule deer roamed the property at all hours of the day, we saw fresh bear scat along one of the trails, and we watched thousands of dragonflies swarming over a lovely little pond. While out mountain-biking we saw a praying mantis up close and personal (the first one I’ve seen outside a zoo) as it tried to attack our bike tires, and while on a hike we saw a couple of baby bald eagles in their nest, obviously whining about their flying lessons while the parents roosted in trees a few hundred yards away. I think they were withholding food, one of those babies was just crying and crying – but the next day the nest looked empty so it must have been a good tactic.


Saturday night was cloudy, but Sunday was clear and I was overwhelmed by the incredible stargazing out there. Very little light pollution means the stars just popped out of the night sky; we could even see the milky way!  I could have stayed out there for hours, but there was the whole bears-in-the-area thing to worry about. The views were amazing, both day and night. This is what we got to gaze upon while eating breakfast:

Nice, eh?



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