Seven year itch

I wasn’t online when it happened, but a few days ago was my seven year blogiversary. Things like this generally go unrecognized in my brain-pan (I do remember my wedding anniversary, and birthdays of immediate family – but beyond that, no promises), and it just kind of struck me funny that a blog would keep track of its inception date, and leave me a message about it. Seven years is a good long time to be sharing my life with a whole bunch of virtual strangers. (some of you are stranger than others)

What did I do to mark the passage of this momentous day? Nothing blog-related, that’s for sure. I was working a street fair, braving some of the worst September weather we’ve had in years. Torrential downpours, gusting winds, and brisk temperatures kept many folks at home, but we hung in there.

Happy anniversary, blog. Here’s to another seven.



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