Finish line & a quest

Last Saturday I got the chance to do the finish work on a bunch of projects that have been sitting and stewing – they needed ends woven in and buttons sewn on, and a couple of wee monsters needed appendages. I was thrilled to get these all out of the ‘practically done but for the tedious bits’ stack. A couple of these still need blocking, but I could gift them now.

Rather than a single-file list of photos, I did a couple of group shots. First up: three sweaters for small folks and a knitted cuff / bracelet for a taller person:

And then a couple of hats and one little monster (the second one was busy hiding my sewing needle from me):

The best part is that getting these items off the to-do list freed me up to cast on new projects (as if I’ve ever had a problem justifying casting on something new regardless of the number of WIPs floating around the house). I’m on a quest for The Perfect Hat, one that stays on my head (long, thick, slippery hair) without having to be so tight that it gives me hat-hair. I’ve got several hats, but I find myself tugging them down frequently and that’s annoying. I’m thinking maybe a newsboy hat or perhaps a cloche, so I have one of each underway.

Felted Cloche – pre-felting. It’s ginormous!

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