Lost and found

After trying to burn my house down on Monday morning with the cast iron skillet incident, I went to work as usual. When I returned in the evening to the transit station, it was to find that during the day my car had been stolen. A pretty crappy Monday, you might say. I called the police and filed a report right there from the parking lot (in the cold and dark), dismayed at the prospect of having to find a replacement auto. It just isn’t in our budget right now. The nice police officer gave me a courtesy ride home after he learned that my only option for getting home was to walk (in the cold and dark). I had to ride in the back seat, and I denied my sister a picture. I don’t need that kind of blackmail material floating around.

Tuesday saw phone calls with our insurance agent, a follow up on the police report, and more fretting over what to do about transportation. Dinner out because I was unable to go to the grocery store as planned on Monday evening. Discussion about what we could afford to spend on a replacement car (not much).

Wednesday we got a phone call from the police letting us know that my car had been located just a couple miles away, in a large parking lot. Yay! We went down to retrieve the car, relieved that it had been located with only the typical losses (small personal items – including prescription glasses, which I found odd.). I am bummed about the missing items, but glad to have the car back. The thief(s) used most of a tank of gas, but I suppose they could have abandoned it a hundred miles away instead of just down the road, so while it goes against my nature to be thankful toward the thief(s) but I have to admit it could have been worse.

Though, if I had been forced into buying a new car, perhaps I could have gone with something like this:


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