On the roof

This weekend’s focus was on the roof: getting the fascia boards up, flashing down, soffit blocking in, and shingles laid. Ran out of daylight today just two bundles into the shingles (my very first time putting on roof shingles!) but all the difficult / time consuming parts are done for now, so the Mr. can lay more shingles when he gets home from work (he gets home while there’s still daylight).

The siding and decking was delivered, too, and I got the last little stub wall done (the one right by the front door).  We’re a little short on building paper, so that little wall isn’t quite ready to side yet, but it’s very close.

No pictures of our progress today, it’s too dark now and I didn’t want to risk dropping my phone off the roof earlier. I tend to drop things – nails especially, but tools as well. I’m going to have to crawl around the yard and pick up all the nails I’ve dropped…

Now, it’s time for dinner and a beer, and a bit of a sit-down. Roofing is hard work!


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