Porch update

I know it’s been a little quiet ’round the blog; we’ve been pretty darned busy working ’round the house. Taking advantage of every bit of daylight we can, the roof is now fully on the porch (YAY!), there’s tar in the spots that need it (covering exposed nails and in flashing intersections), and we’ve got the end of the porch closed in.

The new shingles are whiter than the old, but we figure winter will age them enough that it won’t be quite as obvious (getting that Seattle patina). Here’s the Mr., up on the roof laying the last of the shingles at the peak:

And here’s the gable end all closed in. After I took this picture we put up the building paper, but by the time we finished it was too dark to take a new photo. This end proved to be trickier than we expected, since the ladder needed to be right where we needed to hang the plywood and then the building paper… Sure glad OSHA wasn’t watching the gymnastics we had to go through!

We can now move on to the finishes – the corner trim pieces go up next, and then we can hang some siding.

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