Productive yet restful

It was a looooong week, folks. This weekend couldn’t get here fast enough, and while I still had chores to do, I also spent time sewing, baking cookies, and knitting – all guaranteed to reduce stress. My brain feels much better, and I’ve got more quilted squares to show for the time I spent at the machine. I still don’t have enough for a blanket, had to do some stash-diving to come up with additional flannel to use.

On the home front, we’ve been working on decorating, – which is a huge challenge when you’ve never done it and the past 22 years were spent raising kids so everything you own is very un-decor — but we’re trying. Some new furniture helped quite a bit, and now we are trying to coordinate lamps, artwork, and so forth. I got rid of a set of coasters that didn’t go with anything, and quickly sewed up a couple of replacements with some leftover fabric and cotton batting. I really like them, and might need to make a couple more for the family room.

We’ve got both a ‘living room’ and a ‘family room’, and they are different styles. The living room is set up more traditional while the family room has taken on a modern look. We need more lamps, so we’ve been browsing lighting websites and stores to see what’s out there. As for decor, we still have to consider the cats (so, no flowers or things that might be tempting to chew on), but since the kids are all grown up we no longer have to worry about things becoming weapons or used to hold down blanket forts. A new piece of art would be nice, too; we saw one at Pier 1 that we may end up going back for. Right now we’re in the looking stage, trying to figure out what we like and what we can afford; little by little we’ll get the rooms pulled together like real grownups.

I also made some soap this weekend, and finished a Christmas present (yay, me!).

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