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In the groove

Muscle memory is an amazing thing. Though it’s been months, my hands remembered how to spin and I did up a quick 109-yard, worsted-weight skein today (no pic, it’s still damp) and started on another hank. It’s 4 oz of … Continue reading

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Back behind the wheel

We had a wonderful Christmas, full of family and friends and food. I took a few days off work this year, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I’ve been knitting and spinning, making soap and shopping, watching movies and ignoring the … Continue reading

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Camp Out mitts

I don’t think I’d wear these if I were camping out, not in this yarn anyway (madeline tosh, mmmmmm!) – but this is a nice little pattern and the resulting mitts will go in my gift box for next Christmas. … Continue reading

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Getting squared away

With the urgent knitting done, I decided to spend a couple of hours working on a quilt. This is a quilt-as-you-go, with flannel squares that I bought ages and ages ago. I’ve got all the squares quilted, a pattern figured … Continue reading

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Like a boss

That’s it, I’m done! (Pattern: my own. Yarn: A Swell Yarn Shop DeKay Duet) Those socks are the last knitted Christmas gift on my revised list for this year. (Revised after I realized that I could not accomplish everything on … Continue reading

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I got the blue socks knit to the ankle, and then tried them on. They fit! Problem is, they aren’t for me… and the recipient’s feet are a little bigger than mine, so this wasn’t a good thing. I briefly … Continue reading

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Yarn yumminess

Last night I found the Etsy store for BlackTrillium and can I just say, “YUM!” Her store is here; and this is a picture of one of the offerings available right now (though there’s only one, so I don’t expect … Continue reading

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If looks could kill

Get in here and feed us, Human! Before we zap you with our laser eyes!

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Together in stitches

I knit in public roughly two hundred hours every year, and yet it’s rare that I see anyone else knitting or have someone talk to me about it. This morning I had two people start conversations about knitting, as I … Continue reading

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In progress

Socks, just started. And a hat, about half done. (the actual color isn’t *quite* this neon IRL; it’s a little difficult to capture it accurately with my phone – but it is a fairly bright lime green, with brown as … Continue reading

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