In the groove

Muscle memory is an amazing thing. Though it’s been months, my hands remembered how to spin and I did up a quick 109-yard, worsted-weight skein today (no pic, it’s still damp) and started on another hank. It’s 4 oz of BFL, and I split it into thirds so I can do a 3-ply yarn. I’m spinning it kind of fine, so it should end up around DK weight when it’s all done. Here’s the first bobbin (the color is more green IRL):

BFL singles

My spinning has gotten a lot better; here’s some early stuff, much more ‘rustic’ looking than the rainbow skein I finished last week:

Kind of fun though. That one on the left was a mixed batt; it has some sparkle in it, along with some silk. I’m thinking of pairing it with the plain wool on the right in a hat, maybe one round of each in stripes, since there isn’t quite enough of the green one.

I also finished knitting a pair of mitts, another gift for next year. I like how they don’t quite match. This is Liberty Wool, and the balls are similar but the color shifts are not identical. I can get two mitts from one ball, but I’m using two balls here because I wanted the mitts to be pretty close. The second half of the ball is mostly green.


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