Happy New Year!

We had ourselves a quiet little New Year’s Eve at home; we made potato skins, drank lemon drops (the Girl had sparkling fruit juice), watched My Cousin Vinnie, and I spun up the rest of the green hank of Blue Faced Leicester wool.

And then I plied it. I don’t have a Lazy Kate, so I rigged one up in a shipping box with a couple of straight knitting needles. It worked, but it wasn’t fabulous – and the cats were far more interested in the box than I liked; Snickerdoodle shoved her head in to see what was going on and got tangled up in the singles. She then, of course, got freaked out and ran away – taking the yarn with her. Broken singles, huge tangle… But, I finally got the singles plied up into a true 3-ply yarn with only two breaks (thanks, cat) that I can hopefully disguise when I knit up the yarn. 170 yards total, of DK-weight. Enough for a hat or small cowl!

I also knit up most of that rustic hand spun I showed you the other day, into a pair of  Wrist Warmers. They are very thick and very warm. I still need to give them a soaking to soften up the wool a little, but here’s a quick pic:

My spinning goals this year are: 1) to knit more stuff with my hand spun, 2) learn to chain-ply, and 3) spend more time spinning so I get more consistent results, so that I can spin larger quantities (like maybe for a sweater).

Knitting goals this year are the same as always: knit more from the stash / buy less yarn. I am not holding my breath on that one.

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