FTP Syndrome

Yea verily – I suffer mightily from FTP Syndrome. Whenever I am faced with cooking or preparing some sort of foodstuff, there is this urge, this drive, to Fill The Pot.

For years this served me well (it also served our teenage boys well), and our kitchen gear was purchased specifically to feed a growing family. This is just one of the little things that happens when you start a family when you yourself are very young – you don’t yet have a house full of “stuff”, so the “stuff” you acquire tends to be geared towards raising the offspring. Like cheap towels, machine-washable clothing, and second-hand furniture.

And, my pots. They are all large. The crockpot? 6 quarts. Saucepan? 3 quarts. Soup pot? Heck, I don’t know but it’s mighty. And always, I Fill The Pot. This worked wonderfully, for many many years… until the boys moved out. And suddenly, we have leftovers. Leftovers that GO BAD.  Gallons of stew that we are tired of eating, taking up space in the fridge.

So I’ve been trying to cook smaller meals, learning how to prepare enough food for three of us with only a small amount of leftovers.

Today I won a small battle with FTP Syndrome, and I’m still basking in the glow. I plan on making spaghetti tonight, with homemade sauce. I have a ‘recipe’ for sauce that starts with canned tomatoes (since they aren’t in season right now), and it called for a 28-oz can. Plus an onion, and some other stuff. I went to the market and browsed the cans of tomatoes, and after deciding on which brand to buy, I felt the FTPS kick in.

A 28-ounce can is not very big. Not big at all, there’s no way that is going to make enough sauce for us. NO WAY.

I reached for a second can.

And then, a struggle ensued. Mom-Brain telling me I need at least three cans to make enough sauce, Empty-Nester-Brain telling me that one can will be enough; the recipe says it makes enough sauce for a pound of spaghetti. Mom-Brain saying that one can will barely wet the bottom of my saucepan.

A pound of spaghetti. There’s only three of us eating, and a pound of spaghetti sounds like a fair amount, because of course: there won’t just be spaghetti. I also plan on making meatballs (with only one pound of meat! Still struggling with that one) and a green vegetable, and probably some garlic bread as well.

I put the extra cans back, and proceeded to the cheese counter where I bought a hunk of Parmesan that was only .13 pounds. It’s so small, it looks like a snack — but I plan on grating it over the spaghetti, and with such a minuscule can of tomatoes there won’t be much sauce… A strong effort on behalf of will power to buy such a small piece, let me tell you.

I picked up a box of spaghetti (just one), a couple of other things, and checked out.

$13.89 was my total.

I think I like this “cooking small” thing. But I really need to buy smaller pans.

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