Yakity yak

My eldest gave me a couple ounces of yak down for Christmas, and this weekend I sat down to spin it. I had to do a  little research first, as the yak was not prepared like the fiber I usually spin. Consensus was that yak, being a short staple fiber, would be best spun in a woolen, long-draw.

This was a new process for me, but overall I think it turned out alright. I spun up half of it yesterday, and finished the other half today. The singles aren’t as smooth as some of my other yarns, but it’s fuzzy and soft.

I plied it up while watching Fargo, and the skein is currently drying. It’s a heavy lace weight, and I ended up with about 160 yards from the two ounces; it might make a nice little cowl or something.

I also made good progress on the middle son’s stocking. It’s further along than this pic – the toe and heel are finished but I still haven’t put his name on top or made the hanging loop.

It was a productive weekend! In addition to the knitting and spinning, I got a good start on our tax return and my business taxes paid. The weather was so stormy there was no desire to go outside; I was perfectly happy to stay inside.

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