How is everyone? Glad it’s Friday? I am. This is a crazy-busy time of year for me at work, and by the time I get home I’m so tired that I flop into my recliner and zone out to a bit of knitting and maybe an episode of something on Netflix. This week it’s been Mad Men – something I tried to watch several times and just couldn’t get into, but I just powered through the first episode and it got much better. Or I got used to the format. Or something. At any rate, I am appalled at all the smoking and intrigued by the clothing, and just plain baffled by the discrimination and marginalizing of women and all the infidelity, and well, I’m rather enjoying the show.

On to the show-and-tell portion of our show: I finished the skein of yak fiber. I got about 168 yards of fingering-weight two-ply yarn from the two ounces of fiber; it’s enough to make a small cowl. Haven’t picked a pattern yet, but I plan on knitting this up soon.

Speaking of knitting, I’ve got a couple of FO’s to show ya. First up, a pair of fingerless mitts in yummy chunky madeline tosh.

Next up, a simple hat in some old hand-spun. I wasn’t thrilled with how this yarn came out, but it turned into an alright hat. Kind of fun, kind of quirky.

Nearing completion is another pair of fingerless mitts (it’s a theme this year). I think I’m ready to separate out the thumb stitches (identified with those lovely little markers that I got from a friend at Xmas):

There you have it. That’s all I’ve accomplished at home this week; I have been most excellent at avoiding housework, chores, and anything else that might be construed as helpful. But I’m getting this year’s Christmas stockpile of handmade gifts built up!

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