Good sock, bad sock

Look! A finished pair of socks!

These are for the hubby, and they are knit with A Swell Yarn Shop DeKay Duet yarn with my own “pattern” (it’s more of a recipe).

And then, in a fit of stash denial, I went into my local yarn store and somehow purchased this squishy little ball of self striping yummy sock yarn:

I went home with the intention of casting this on next, but I had already decided on a pattern and this yarn didn’t really seem to be a good “fit” for the pattern, and so instead I tucked it into the shelf and chose a different yarn for my next pair of socks, something with a gauge more like the pattern.

I’m making Hermione’s Everyday Socks, and I figured I’d go ahead and do them top-down on DPNs (since that is how the pattern is written). While I prefer circular needles, it’s good to be able to use whatever is handy so I do pull out the double-pointies now and then. The yarn I decided on is something I got in a swap years ago: Wildfoote Luxury Sock. I don’t know about the “luxury” part, but it is a finer gauge than I normally use for socks. I scrounged up a mismatched set of size US 1 needles, cast on 64 stitches, and started ribbing.

And the knitting gods smacked me down.

Maybe I should have cast on that self-striping yarn instead. Not only am I now short a DPN, I am not convinced that the sock will fit me – it looks pretty narrow…


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