More of the same

I’ve decided that I am going to focus on these two projects until they are done. This goes against my usual MO, and it’s a bit of a struggle. I have a stack of projects queued up that I want to make, but I’m forcing myself to stay on track. This means lots of update posts but decent progress is being made on each project. Without further ado:

Hermione’s Everyday Sock – now in the cuff on the first sock. I panicked about the remaining yarn and did just thirteen repeats at the leg (the pattern calls for eighteen) because nobody likes a skimpy ribbed cuff. I now see I could have eked out another repeat or two, but that’s just the way it goes. This sock has already exceeded its allotment of re-dos. Maybe I’ll just knit a few extra cuff rounds; I’ve got about twelve rounds done now out of twenty and like a tube of toothpaste that wee ball of yarn just seems to always have a bit more yarn than I expected.

The Eco Vest. I have knit both side fronts and am working on the center back; it’s folded in half in this picture. After the back is knit and the shoulders connected, a wide band gets knitted for the center front & collar, and then a band gets added to the bottom edge. Right now the proportions looks a little funny but I keep reminding myself that there is still a fair amount of knitting to do. I just added the third ball of yarn; at this rate I will use four of the eight balls I have. This is such lovely yarn, I’m excited to have more of it to use for another project – I think a thick cowl & matching hat would be just wonderful.

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