Wakey wakey!

With all the crazy weather going on the rest of the country, I know I shouldn’t complain about our winter. It’s been vacillating between freezing and balmy, which is irritating but doesn’t seem to be doing the plants any harm. We had snow last weekend for one entire day, and then it warmed back up and rained it away. Today has been a mix of gusty winds and rain showers, but much better than yesterday’s weather so I took advantage of the almost-spring to get outside and do a bit of garden maintenance.

Top of my list was to weed the veggie gardens and add some compost. Here’s one of the boxes, all neat and tidy and ready for planting (which will have to wait a couple more months). On the right hand side is garlic, left over from last year. I thinned out the ones that had multiplied and left the singles alone. The other veggie box (not pictured) looks pretty much the same except it’s got a line of onions instead of garlic.

Here’s a closer look at the little garlic plants. That larger one might be an onion.

I weeded one of the flower beds as well, and was delighted to see my favorite sign of impending spring: the daffodils are awake!

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