Non sequitur

I am pleased to announce that I am making marvelous progress on the second Hermione’s Everyday sock; I finished the heel flap on the train this morning and now it’s just smooth sailing up the leg.

I made sure to get the first, fully-knit sock in the picture as well, lest you think I’m just recycling photos from the first sock and not working on its mate.

Lookie what we saw in the yard on Sunday!

There, on the fence. Can you see it? With the yellow legs? That’s not a chicken, and I apologize for the craptastic photo (I was on the other side of the yard and just had my iPhone with me, and I didn’t want to scare it off by getting any closer). We encourage birds, butterflies, and bees to visit our yard by providing them with reliable food and water supplies (and by keeping our cats indoors), and it’s always fun to get new visitors.

We believe this guy is a Common Kestrel – a predatory bird about the size of a crow. He had lovely coppery feathers on his breast that ruffled up in the wind, a blue-grey head with a small beak, and those yellow legs. When he took flight, I could see strong stripes on his tail and small spots over most of his body. Practically silent, too. He rousted a couple of chickadees from some shrubbery (they got away) and then perched there on the fence for a few minutes checking out the yard. I’d rather he eat the moles; perhaps he’ll come back and help us with those pesky little garden-wreckers.

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