Friday evening I finished my Eco Vest. It’s blocking right now, and a picture just wouldn’t do it justice so you’ll have to wait until it’s dried and I can get an “action shot”.  I did modify the pattern slightly, after much browsing of the Ravelry; I did the garter stitch  bottom edge last instead of first so that it would go under the front band as well, I reduced a couple stitches at the underarms, and I did no further knitting on the armhole openings (the pattern has you add a few rounds).

And yesterday was a finishing extravaganza fest. I had a stack of knit items that needed ends woven in, and a friend hosted a crafting day at her house so I packed them all up and took care of those pesky yarn ends.

Those came from a stack of scrap squares and three pairs of fingerless mitts.

AND I finished Hermione’s Everyday socks!



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  1. Erica says:

    Are you making a Duet sock yarn blanket, too???

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