Color theory

What does one do, when faced with the goal of Knitting From Stash (specifically: rotate the stock / use up old yarn) and one quickly finds that the stash contains an alarming quantity of small skeins, early purchases of sock yarn that did not take into account that most people have two feet, and would thus like two socks roughly similar in appearance and size?

One gets inventive, that’s what. One also dismisses such theories as matching colors, and instead goes with the ever-popular notion that if a little is good, more is better.

Enter two, 50-gram skeins of sock yarn, both the same brand but wildly different in colorways. One self striping, one is variegated. Add a fearless knitter who figures socks and hats can be as quirky as one wants. Ignore initial misgivings that one has made a terrible mistake. Knit on. Pay no attention to skeptical glances from lap cat.

And be pleasantly surprised that once one gets over the searing brightness of clown puke and unicorn farts, somehow the two skeins have begun to work with each other. A pattern develops, a harmony of sorts. One might still require sunglasses to gaze upon the Sock of Many Colors, but one needs some new sunglasses anyway.


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  1. Erica says:

    Hahahaah, THAT IS AWESOME!

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