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Comrades in caffeine

I’m standing in the kitchen making a cup of coffee with my Aeropress when I glance down and see an itty bitty spider emerge from hiding behind the water pitcher. I watch it scurry across the counter, realizing this is … Continue reading

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A leg up

My Seismic Socks are back together: past the heels and charging up the legs. Let me tell you, these are definitely conversation starters on the train! It seems that someone comments on them daily.

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Randomly on a Monday

We had a busy weekend, with shopping and gardening and eating and theatering (saw Young Frankenstein at the Seattle Musical Theatre, was great fun!), and even a little soap making. Not much knitting. Actually, that’s a lie. I did plenty … Continue reading

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Get your beads on

I went for a long walk the other day (gotta keep Marta happy), and in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle I saw remnants of Mardi Gras festivities – mostly, beads caught in planters like this one: Kind of nice, … Continue reading

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Meet my new little tattletale activity tracker: Marta, a fitbit one. She’s a little dusty there, because she was riding around in my bathrobe pocket while I made myself a cup of coffee and checked my email this morning. Today, … Continue reading

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The power of 8

I was organizing my craft room a little while ago and found several WIP’s that I had completely forgotten about – including this pair of socks: Cute, right? Abandoned about midway up the foot, I have no recollection of why … Continue reading

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It is still too early to sow most seeds directly into the garden, but I’ve got a few things I’d like to get a jump on – especially tomatoes. I can probably put in beets now, but our last frost … Continue reading

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On a Saturday

We were looking for something indoors to do on this rainy Saturday, so after a little shopping with a friend, the Mr. and I went to the car museum in Tacoma. Slug bug! Not to miss an opportunity to buy … Continue reading

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Birds & bees

It may still be winter, but signs of spring have begun – crocuses are blooming and hummingbirds chitter in the lilac. Birds of all sizes have been enjoying the bird feeder, so I made some nut, seed, and fruit suet … Continue reading

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