The power of 8

I was organizing my craft room a little while ago and found several WIP’s that I had completely forgotten about – including this pair of socks:

Cute, right? Abandoned about midway up the foot, I have no recollection of why I stopped knitting them. So I tried them on, did a little measuring and math, and discovered that the “slight snugness” that I felt when I tried them on meant I had made a grievous gauge error and they would not end up being socks I could wear.

Now, I don’t remember if I discovered this and then stashed the socks away in time-out, or if I would have continued knitting in blissful ignorance, but either way: this newly-found WIP was not destined for success, and so I frogged back to the toes and added 8 stitches to the circumference (a full inch at my gauge).

Little did I know that those eight stitches would completely change the way the yarn behaved. This is the left sock in the picture above, now with more stitches:

Same stitch pattern, same needles, same knitter, same gauge; just eight additional stitches in each round and the nice variegated yarn turned into meandering rivers of color. Crazy sauce. I’m keeping them, though; my initial misgivings over the obvious pooling have grown into a whimsical acceptance of this colorway. And I can’t wait to see what happens when I increase for the heel gusset.

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