Meet my new little tattletale activity tracker: Marta, a fitbit one.

She’s a little dusty there, because she was riding around in my bathrobe pocket while I made myself a cup of coffee and checked my email this morning. Today, she’s riding shotgun on my bra. Yeah, no picture of that (you’re welcome).

Marta is keeping track of my steps, including stairs, and converting that into a calories-burned figure as well as an overall activity level. There’s a flower on the display that grows and shrinks as my activity level changes; after sitting at my desk for a couple of hours the flower is just a wee sprout – reminding me to get up and move around a bit.

Paired with fitbit’s app on my phone and laptop, Marta is helping me keep tabs on my fitness goals which boil down to the simple tenants of eat less, move more. The app makes it easy to log my food and water intake, while Marta rides along on my person to keep track of my movements (or lack thereof). Marta was less than thrilled with the bacon cheeseburger I had for dinner last night, as it put me well outside my daily calorie goal (helped along by my less-than-stellar fast food breakfast).  Today, I’m trying to make better food choices and, weather permitting, I plan on getting outside for a walk at lunchtime.

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