Get your beads on

I went for a long walk the other day (gotta keep Marta happy), and in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle I saw remnants of Mardi Gras festivities – mostly, beads caught in planters like this one:

Kind of nice, actually. Adds a bit of bling to the city.

On the home garden front: not much going on. March has been quite rainy, and it still dips into frosty temps now and then. The weeds and moss are loving the weather, though; I’m pretty sure there is more moss than grass in our yard right now.  The mason bees are still sleeping, and the birds are devouring every last seed in the feeders – they must be stocking up for nesting season.

I’ve been knitting on just three projects: the seismic socks, a mystery shawl, and a log cabin afghan. Trying to keep my focus on a few WIPs is extremely difficult! As for the socks, I’ve got the first one knit to the ankle, where I’ve set it aside to work on the second sock to the same point (so that I can do the legs at the same time).

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