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Zauber Socks

I do love the Zauberball yarns – the color changes keep me chugging along and help avoid boredom. Plus, I like the quirkiness of non-identical socks.

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Sunday sewing

In amongst a birthday breakfast, a run, helping the Mr. install a new fan in the bathroom, making dinner, and book club — I pieced a quilt top. Well, not the entire top; it needs borders still, but the center panel … Continue reading

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Hope springs eternal

I have eaten hundreds of apples in my life. Maybe even thousands (we did have our own orchard for six years when I was growing up), and while I have bitten into more than a few worms, never have I … Continue reading

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Bag the granny

I am working on getting my craft room under control – and one way I’m tackling that is by ripping out projects I shall never finish in order to reclaim the yarn. Projects that seemed like a good idea many years … Continue reading

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In with the new, out with the old

I noticed that I never posted a final pic of my Eco Vest. It’s 99.99% done — just need to knit a little button loop. It’s beautiful; I love the yarn and the color. It’s soft and cozy, exactly like a … Continue reading

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Walk on

After a looooong hiatus from exercise walking, I hit the trail today during lunch. Marta has been giving me gentle nudges to be more active, and lately she has started withholding food as a motivator. (Now that Marta has several weeks’ … Continue reading

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Not exactly a success

A couple of weeks ago I ran across a video that showed how to scramble eggs inside the shell before you boil them.  I was intrigued. I enjoy eating hardboiled eggs, but will admit that the differing textures and flavors … Continue reading

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Playing with eggs

Seeing as how tomorrow is Easter, I figured I’d better make some hard boiled eggs — and why not color them with natural stuff we already had around the house? I raided the spice cabinet, the freezer, and my soap … Continue reading

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Cat trap

I’m trapped under sixteen pounds of feline warmth and cuteness. Not a bad way to spend Sunday morning.

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Rolling with the oats

I’m digging this fridge oatmeal. Today’s jar had blueberries. Yesterday I put in pineapple. I think tomorrow might be cinnamon and apple. I know, I’m out of control.

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