Walk on

After a looooong hiatus from exercise walking, I hit the trail today during lunch. Marta has been giving me gentle nudges to be more active, and lately she has started withholding food as a motivator. (Now that Marta has several weeks’ worth of experience keeping tabs on my food intake and exercise habits, she is able to fairly accurately dole out daily calorie limits for me, so the more active I am the more I get to eat. Lately I have not been very active, and I’m finding it difficult to stay within my allotted calories. Marta may be cruel, but it’s an effective motivator to move my backside.)

Anyway: today was lovely, and I took a nice 40-minute walk along the waterfront. I wasn’t able to get my phone out of my pocket quickly enough to take a picture, but two groups of Seattle Police on bicycles rode past; it looked like a training ride (gearing up for the summer). There must have been sixty of them.

I did manage to take this pic of a man playing a trumpet on a pedestrian bridge.

And this lovely view of the Space Needle hiding behind the Seattle P.I. Building.

And just when my hips were getting tired and achy, I ran across this little bit of motivation:

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