Bag the granny

I am working on getting my craft room under control – and one way I’m tackling that is by ripping out projects I shall never finish in order to reclaim the yarn. Projects that seemed like a good idea many years ago and then ended up stuffed into a bag and abandoned in the back of a cupboard, that when rediscovered I had no recollection of what I liked about the project in the first place. I think a lot of knitters can relate.

Case in point: a long granny square vest, knit in cotton yarn. My color choices were, um, ‘interesting’, and the vest would have weighed about fifteen pounds had I ever finished it. Not to mention that granny square vests are a questionable fashion accessory in the best of times, and I am not the sort of person that can make quirky clothing look fashionable. At some point a grain of common sense kicked in and I realized I would never, ever wear the vest, and that it was an awful waste of forty dollars’ worth of yarn. And, into a cupboard it went.

As I said, it’s cotton yarn, in three colorways that go together a lot better as a bag than they do as a granny square vest, I can assure you. After frogging several dozen granny squares and winding the ramen yarn back into cakes, I cast on a market bag.

I have a lot of this yarn, especially the variegated one (a vest’s worth, as a matter of fact). There will be a lot of bag knitting during my daily commute, and a lot of bags in the Christmas box this year.


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