Skeptical me

I have long been a fan of the heel flap. While I have tried other types of heels, I always fall back on the flap and gusset, and it fits my foot well so for years I never saw any reason to dabble in alternatives. Short-row heels (including afterthoughts) always pull across my instep. I am convinced I need the gusset.

And then a couple weeks ago I ran across the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, which is a short-row heel that doesn’t involve wraps or gussets and swears to fit just about any foot. I took that as a challenge, and decided that my Zauber Socks will have this heel. Part of me hopes it works, because on thinner socks it would be nice to have a less bulky heel; the other part of me hopes it doesn’t work so I can go back to my comfort circle and just knit a heel flap.

I made my foot template and am merrily knitting away on the foot, which is no different than any other sock.  There is a line on my template, right below where it says “size 9”, which is where I will start the Fish Lips heel. I think I’ll put in a lifeline beforehand, in case it doesn’t work out.


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