Quilting progress

Today I got the borders sewn onto the center I pieced two weeks ago, pieced the backing, and got the binding strip done. That is a good place to stop for the night, because the next step is to sandwich the layers together and baste this sucker. I intend to cheat and use spray basting; but before I can lay out the quilt layers I have to sweep the living room and move some furniture so I have enough room. This will be a twin-size quilt, which isn’t huge but is still bigger than our open floorspace.

The colors are a little off here, it’s less yellow in real life – the borders are a nice turquoise and the backing is lime green with multi-colored dots. The binding is dark brown with black swirls, and I think I’m just going to quilt this in straight lines across the center and then in a concentric spiral around the border.

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