One plus one

I know it’s a little difficult to tell what you’re looking at here – but it’s two finished Fish Lips Kiss heels on my Zauber Socks. Slightly misshapen due to them still being on the needles and not wanting to lay nicely for a photo op, but they look better in profile than they do with the heels facing up, trust me.

Here is where I admit that I have completely re-knit the socks from the last time I took their picture. I was trying to be all fancy with a little ribbing along the instep because I was inspired by some socks I saw on the Harlot’s blog, but mine just looked like crap and attempts to drop the stitches down failed miserably, and so, yeah: frogged and reknit because this yarn is gorgeous, dammit, and I want these socks. Just going with plain stockinette, and there will be regular ribbing at the cuff.

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  1. Karen says:

    Your socks are wonderful! I’ve got to try those heels:)

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