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42 is also the number I will carry along with me for the next 364 days, because yesterday was my birthday. I am now twice as old as my second son, and half as old as Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Warren Buffet, and Buzz Aldrin.

It was a busy day! We started the morning off with breakfast at Easy Street Records, then browsed and shopped at the West Seattle Farmers Market. We swung by the house to put away our goodies (including some birthday flowers the Mr. got me!) and then headed back out to run more errands (and allow the Girl to get more driving practice).

We picked up some art supplies for the Girl, bought a few books at B&N, got my birthday latte from Starbucks,  and headed to the home improvement store to get shelving for the garage (which the Mr. got cleaned out on Saturday).

We got the shelf brackets, and as we were walking out we passed the appliance section. (We look at appliances a lot; most of ours are gearing up for a mass failure, and we’ve been trying to determine in what order to begin replacing them to thwart their evil efforts to leave us high and dry — or knee-deep in water, as the case may be.)

There, right in our direct line of sight, sat a matching washer/dryer set with bright yellow sale signs plastered all over them. Floor models, the very last ones in the inventory, and marked down twice to clear them out. The very brand and style we had been coveting, on sale to the point it was almost a BOGO.

The Girl quickly looked the models up online and checked reviews while the Mr. and I inspected them for damage (none), checked the warranty status (full), and discussed this fortuitous occasion that put us, appliance-needing consumers, at the right place and time to get a killer deal on two appliances that we had been coveting for the past couple of years.

A bit of a scramble ensued as we tried to figure out how to get them home (thank goodness for relatives with trucks!), but by the afternoon we were the proud owners of our very first brand-new washer and dryer, and a matched set at that! I feel like such a grown up!

Lots of sticker residue to remove, but otherwise perfect. And sitting in the garage, because we weren’t exactly ready to install a new W/D.

After all that excitement, we ate dinner and I cast on a Temperature Scarf – which will have two rounds every day for a year, in the color specified by the official high temperature of the day.

We then headed downtown to listen to some bands play – including the one our middle son is in, Arcanum. Made for a late evening on a work night, but it was great to see him at his new gig!

My son, the drummer!

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  1. Becky says:

    What a wonderful day! Love the flowers, the new toys and an evening of fun listening to your middle son!

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