On a roll

Fog has us socked in this morning and the sky is a disconcerting shade of warm grey. It mutes all other colors, and even the bright fall display on the coral bark maple seems lackluster.

The fog dampens all sounds, and lies heavy on the spiderwebs; the creators have abandoned their handiwork and taken refuge beneath sodden leaves.

It also makes me want to curl up in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee and my knitting. With October upon us, the gift knitting has taken priority over personal knits, because while my gift box has a decent stash of presents in it, there never seems to be enough time to make everything I want to.
I am currently working on fingerless mitts; finished two pairs recently and have a third on the needles.

And the un-rainbow socks are in the home stretch.

I’m not the only one thinking of cozy knits – saw these at the mall the other day:


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