Stripes – sometimes they work

It pleases me to no end that I am capable of spinning yarn that is knitable. I really enjoy spinning, but I’m not a technical fanatic so my results vary. Sometimes they vary widely, and in no way can I predict what a finished yarn will look like, but I can get fiber to reliably end up as yarn that I can actually knit with. Awhile back I spun up a lovely hank in “Black Raspberry” and the yarn is between DK and worsted; I decided a pair of fingerless mitts would be lovely. So far, so good, with subtle stripes.

I’m also working on my Temperature Scarf. It seems I have chosen the ugliest time of year to begin, as our temps are jumping across wide ranges —- so I have unpleasant stripes of lime green and construction-cone orange, interspersed with school bus yellow. People keep telling me it will get better. I hope so.

(Note: no cats were harmed in the staging of this photo; in fact, she prefers I knit things large enough to cover her like a blanket, and she’s fairly unhappy with my recent bout of small knitting projects.)


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