Once upon a Monday

This past Monday was Cyber Monday. You may have heard of it. As a person who works a full-time job and despises driving in holiday traffic and refuses to shop on either Thanksgiving or Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a great way to save some money and finish up my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my jammies. This year, I had just one gift left to get and sure enough – there were great deals to be had on Amazon.

So there’s me Monday evening, after a long day at work, reading reviews and comparing specs to determine which version of the item would be best, and I find one that seems perfect. Add it to the cart, to be shipped to my office because I still don’t trust our neighbors to not steal packages off our doorstep.

Before checking out, I decide to quickly check the “lightning deals” to see if there’s anything I need. Usually it’s stuff I don’t want or need, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Sure enough, they have my preferred cat litter on sale, over 30% off! We use the wheat kind of litter, as it seems to agree with our cats and their sensitive systems better than clay litters. Plus, it makes less of a mess and smells better. But it’s quite a bit more costly, so I was excited to see it on sale.

Anyway, since it’s a “lightning deal”, this timer thing starts counting down in the corner of my browser. 6 more minutes until the deal expires. I’m feeling a bit of pressure, but I glance through the other deals and find one other thing that I can use for next year’s Christmas list (I like to plan ahead), and I add that item to my cart. 3 more minutes until the deal expires, so I quickly check out and pat myself on the back for not only finishing my Christmas shopping but also for saving money on something we needed anyway, thus saving me the trip to the pet store.

The next day, with a clear head, I realized I had made a small mistake. No, not buyer’s remorse.

I had all three items shipped to my office.

Yep, including 30 pounds of cat litter.

Imagine my front desk person’s surprise when my boxes arrive today, and I have to explain why I had cat litter shipped to the office.

And that my only option to get it home is to carry it with me on the train, because driving in to pick it up would totally negate the savings that prompted the purchase decision in the first place.

That’s the kind of week I’m having. How about you?


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2 Responses to Once upon a Monday

  1. chrisknits says:

    Never done that, I only forget to update my address after a move and thus send 3 packages to my old address. The first one delivers, but the next two are sent back, so I have to have them reshipped on my dime! Thankfully the new owners have family in our new neighborhood so I was able to get the first package from them. But the cat litter thing, that wins. LOL

  2. Oops! Yesterday evening was a bit like that- not because I was in a rush, but because I was so exhausted!

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