Temperature Scarf

Two months in to the Temperature Scarf now – just a wee bit over 16%. The first five days of December were quite erratic, with temps jumping all over a fifteen degree spread. Makes for more colorful stripes.

The scarf measures 16″, so I guess this will end up being roughly eight feet long. Wowza!

In other news, we got our tree out of storage today; it’s up and plugged in though it’s otherwise naked yet. The cats were unimpressed with the tree-raising process, but after it was up Amelia spent some time hunkered beneath it (perhaps testing its merit as a hiding place) while Snickerdoodle flatly ignored it. She much preferred it in the bag.


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  1. That scarf is definitely going to look interesting when done, all the randomness between large blocks of colour and little stripes when the weather is changing quickly. It’s a very interesting idea 🙂

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