Hooky Sunday

A couple weeks ago I popped into my LYS to buy a replacement circular needle. Mine was separating, and I was still finishing the blue socks, so it was a necessary purchase. What was not necessary was the three-pack of yarn in Seahawks colors, but that didn’t keep the yarn out of my bag. It’s Cascade 220.


Now, those of you who know me in person understand just how out of character this is. I am not a Seahawks fan. I am not a football fan. But, I live in Seattle and a lot of my friends and family are fans. And the colors aren’t horrible.
I decided that crocheted beanies were the way to go, so this weekend I grabbed a hook and a little ball of white scrap yarn, and jumped in.


This is the Brain Waves pattern, with an H hook in the adult size — but it’s only about 19.5″ around, so I’m calling it a kids size.
Since I wanted an adult sized hat, I started another – but I couldn’t get the pattern to work out with increased stitch count, so I went with non-wavy stripes in HDC.


It’s a little snug for me, but I have a big melon. It would be fine for someone of average cranial dimensions. I’d forgotten how fast crochet hats are to make!

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  1. Becky says:

    Love those hats!!!

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