Cowl update and new socks

I’ve got just an inch or so left to knit on the Juliet Poe cowl, so I left it at home this morning because I didn’t want to risk running out of knitting on my commute.


The color changes are intriguing! I don’t have a lot of yarn left, but certainly enough to finish this.
So, the something new: more socks! Like the last pair, I’m using up some really old stash – an unlabeled skein of sock yarn that has self-patterning repeats. I just have one skein, and I’m not certain it is full, but I split it in half and I *think* I found the repeat.
But as so often happens, what I’m trying to use up is not enough yarn for the project in mind so I had to buy a coordinating solid… Adding to the stash while trying to use the stash.
Anyway, I started the toes on the train this morning. Not much to see yet.


The toes and heels will be red, the rest of the sock in that patterning yarn in top left. Depending on how much yardage is actually there, the socks may end up with red cuffs as well.

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3 Responses to Cowl update and new socks

  1. Funky socks 🙂 And good call to not take the cowl- even if you didn’t run out it would be awkward to measure it on the move

    • wonkydonkey says:

      Yeah – i measured it on the train last night and thought i was done, then remeasured once i got home and found i still have a little more. Not very accurate on the move.

  2. chrisknits says:

    I know, it’s irritating to have to buy a skein to use up a skein, but at least you are using up something from the stash!

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