Three out of four

The two crocheted Seahawks hats I made a couple weeks ago were for my sister and her son. After finishing them, I asked my sister if her other two kids would want Seahawks hats as well, because I remember very well how important it is that things be FAIR and EVEN among siblings. Even if they didn’t want hats, it was important that I ask.

I was pretty sure the younger niece would not want a Seahawks hat, but the older niece was a toss-up. I offered alternative color schemes and received a prompt reply: the younger one would prefer pink and purple.

What kind of auntie am I to deny a pink and purple hat?

The older niece decided on a Seahawks hat, and a certain fur ball decided I needed some help.

I think she was secretly hoping I was making a blanket for her to snuggle under. Despite the extra help, I got the hat done pretty quickly and decided that it needed a little extra something.

Super cute!  There isn’t much of the navy blue yarn left, but I still have grey and green, so I could make another hat; I may have a lighter shade of blue in the scrap basket (something more like the old Seahawks blue) that I could use with the grey. Making the hats was fun;  they were fairly easy and surprisingly quick once I got back in the swing of crocheting.

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  1. Becky says:

    Super cute!!!

  2. Very nice of you, remembering about all the hassle that comes from not being completely fair no matter what 🙂 Lovely hats too

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