I believe they call that a smack-down

Hey, look at those Ski Socks! I just finished the heels and started up the legs. I was able to do three rounds on the legs this morning and then the gauntlet was thrown down.


In case you missed it there on the left, trouble is brewing for these socks.


See that? My nice, coordinating matchy-matchy stripes, all in sequence socks just got derailed. There’s no knot, just a sudden departure from the reliable striping, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Do I keep going and accept that the legs will not match? Do I back out a row and try to find the repeat in the yarn again? Argh!

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5 Responses to I believe they call that a smack-down

  1. They look like they’re pretty long colour repeats (you haven’t had a full one yet by the look of the socks, unless the heels have started the red/blue from the beginning of the sock…) so finding where you would have to rejoin the yarn would be quite difficult. However, you’ve done so much with matchy-matchy socks, it would be shame to break it now. But since you’re on the leg, non-matchyness might not matter so much?

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    The heels are solid red, and it looked like the repeat was just beginning with the dark blue. I didn’t cut the main color, just picked up where I left off after doing the short-row heels. it’s crazy that one ball has such a sudden sequence deviation!

  3. soknitsome says:

    Just carry on for the heels – then you can consider re-matching for the legs. I don’t mind non-matching legs as I wear my socks with Mary Janes and the feet show more than the ankles/legs. How do you wear your socks?

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