The land of fog and water

The Ski Socks are in time-out, the wool skirt is too bulky to be commuter knitting, the colorwork hat is charted so there’s no way I can drag that along to knit on the train, I’m studiously ignoring the other WIPs stashed in various project bags in my craft room (most of them are also too large for commuter knitting) and so: I started a “Dots or Dashes” cowl. I’m pretty sure I got the pattern and yarn during last year’s LYS crawl. No pic yet, I just cast on yesterday, so here is what the view looked like this morning from my office:

Pretty neat, with the ships playing hide-and-seek in the fog.


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2 Responses to The land of fog and water

  1. More projects are always a good thing 🙂

  2. chrisknits says:

    I want more projects, but then I get too distracted and nothing gets done!!!

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