There’s a rainbow on my head

I spun this up ages ago. A couple years, probably, though I can’t find it in my Flickr account to verify. It’s Dicentra Designs and I just could not walk away from the rainbow cheerfulness. It’s been my eye-candy on the “I spun this” shelf, and would receive periodic pets and squishes. I mean, come on — look at how happy this yarn is!

Anyway – I decided to use it. In my steadfast refusal to do a gauge swatch for things that are easily adapted, I simply grabbed some needles and cast on 8 stitches and began a top-down hat.

I increased until the magic of Pi said I’d gone far enough, then just knit round and round.

After it seemed tall enough (as measured against a slouchy hat that the Girl has been wearing), I did an inch of seed stitch for no particular reason and then decreased out a few stitches and switched to 1×1 ribbing (with a strand of black elastic thread held in to help the ribbing bounce back).

Gave it a quick blocking.

And took a poorly-lit, oddly-framed bathroom selfie of it on my head.

The yarn (and resulting hat) is heavy; I spun it up fairly dense (insert usual disclaimer about not really knowing what I’m doing at the spinning wheel but doing it nonetheless). It makes for a very warm hat, and the added bit of elastic makes me hopeful that it may actually stay on my head. For now, it’s too warm to need a hat like this, so it will go in the hat box until we get a real winter.

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  1. That makes a wonderful hat 🙂 It looks wonderfully warm

  2. andipi says:

    Beautiful! I’m jealous.

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